orthodontic waxes
Producer of Orthodontic Waxes: Clear Dental Wax for Braces
Welcome to our Orthodontic Waxes site.  Carmel is a licensed and government approved producer of first-class dental wax : modeling, orthodontic, sheets, beading, bite-registration and utility  waxes,

We have grown to be a global producer and wholesaler of dental waxes.

You can be assured of our quality because everything is produced in our plant in Montreal, Canada.

Not only do we manufacture the wax in our dental factory, we also produce the boxes on our own plastic injection molding machines. 

We use only medially approved raw materials in all our products, thereby ensuring the greatest possible quality.

Available also: Dental Waxes

Modelling wax sheets set-up, base plate, boxing, beading, bite rims, bite registration and wafers, inlay dipping, , sticky, presentation spool wire and margin sculpturing waxes.

Bulk wholesaler of dental and other kinds of products:

Dental orthopedic blocks hard laminated wafers and bite rime. Copper wax super boxing lingual soft baseplate setup winter hard extra. Tru form pink number 2 number waxes, med reg number 3, flexi-red hard super tenacious universal regular red waxes, periphery waxes, occlusal rims, soft Q waxes, sheet, winter waxes.